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Davido gives money to airport employees and fans.



David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is a well-known musician, philanthropist, and the head of the 30B gang.

Davido gives money to airport employees and fans.

Davido gives to airport employees and fans.

He has transformed the perception of Airport employees by giving out dollar bills to both his followers and airport staff.

Davido was seen at the airport distributing to travellers and airport staff while donning a white T-shirt, as is his custom. He appeared to be coming home from a European music tour.

Davido, who is visiting Accra, Ghana, for work, caused a disturbance by giving the workers money.

In the web video, employees could be seen reaching for cash.

As a result of his selfless gesture, which caused mayhem in the airport, everyone was vying for money.

The kind-hearted father of three has consistently demonstrated his generosity and goodwill.


The well-off artist gave N250 million to 292 orphanages nationwide in February of this year.

For his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, who recently won the Osun State gubernatorial election, Davido was a key player in the support-gathering effort.

According to Livenews, Davido’s nice gesture to a female admirer caused him to trend a while back.

There is no ignoring the fact that Davido is one of Nigeria’s most giving superstars. The musician has often shown his devotion for his followers and for humanity.

A female fan was moved to tears by his act of kindness, which completely changed her outlook on life.

When he gave the woman his shoes as a gift, Davido caught her off guard. Davido handed her 2 million naira to go along with it. The woman, who was overcome with delight, started crying.

He gained a lot of admirers thanks to this kind act.


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