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COVID-19 Won’t Be Over Anytime Soon – Aliyu Sani



The presidential COVID-19 task force has warned that coronavirus will not soon be over.

Dr Aliyu Sani, the committee’s Coordinator, said the pandemic should linger a little longer in Nigeria.

Sani gave the alert during the Task Force’s daily briefing in Abuja Tuesday.

He also urged policymakers to draft on how to tackle the spread of the virus.

The federal government can not be solely responsible for tackling the spread of COVID-19 according to Sani.

He charged governments with beginning to “take ownership” in the fight.

Sani said: “We urge states to come up with state-specific programs of their own. This pandemic will be with us for some time to come.

“It can not continue to be chiefly driven from the federal level.

“We need to make sure that governments start taking care of the economy. Our duty is to provide guidance to the states and to ensure that the state governments are enforcing the decisions we have made at the federal level in one way or another.


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