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COVID-19: Ogun State Launches Sample Collection Centre In Ota



The Ogun State Government has unveiled the method it is adopting for sample collection at its drive-through testing center in Ota. (Ogun State Launches Sample Collection Centre In Ota)

This occurred during a tour by concerned leaders in the State, including the Hon. Commissioner for Forestry, Hon. Tunji Akinosi and leaders of the State House of Assembly.

It was explained by the tour guide that the method was adopted so that the risk faced by health workers is reduced to the minimum.

She demonstrated how a health worker would go into a protective glass box and collect samples from suspected cases with fixed gloves that are sanitized by a hygienist after each sample is taken for further transfer to the State’s molecular laboratory.

She disclosed that the protective glass box had two primary advantages.

“The advantage of this is that the healthcare practitioner does not come in contact with the patient. Number one.

“Number two: If you are testing outside (the box), then you have to wear full PPE with boots. That cost can be up to like N50,000, and you also have to change it with each patient. So if you are testing 50 patients, that is 50 times 50,” she explained.



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