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COVID-19: Man Who Buried Abba Kyari Carelessly Dumps His PPE On The Street



A video has surfaced online showing a man who wore a PPE gown at Abba Kyari burial in Abuja today and carelessly discards it on the roadside which is against WHO COVID-19 practices.

In the video, the man who wore the PPE gown could be seen standing on the roadside, removing it in plain sight, he took it off completely and left it lay on the floor while he headed to his car.

Watch the video below.

Here are the steps to take off personal protective equipment (PPE) including gown as approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)

1 Always remove PPE under the guidance and supervision of a trained observer (colleague). Ensure that infectious waste containers are available in the doffing

area for safe disposal of PPE. Separate containers should be available for

reusable items.

2 Perform hand hygiene on gloved hands.

3. Remove apron leaning forward and taking care to avoid contaminating your

hands. When removing disposable apron, tear it off at the neck and roll it down without touching the front area. Then untie the back and roll the apron forward.

4 Perform hand hygiene on gloved hands.

5 Remove outer pair of gloves and dispose of them safely. Use the technique shown in Step 17

6 Perform hand hygiene on gloved hands.

7 Remove head and neck covering taking care to avoid contaminating your face by starting from the bottom of the hood in the back and rolling from back to front and from inside to outside, and dispose of it safely.

8 Perform hand hygiene on gloved hands.

9 Remove the gown by untying the knot first, then pulling from back to front rolling it from inside to outside and dispose of it safely

NCDC had shown concern as social distancing law was highly breached. The organization took to twitter to readdress the general public and health care workers handling COVID-19 cases. Here is the tweet;



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