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COVID-19: 20 new cases have been confirmed in Nigeria.



NCDC has reported new cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria as of 9:50 pm, Monday, April 13th, 2020.

According to a fresh report made by NCDC via their official twitter handle, the toll rate of COVID-19 has increased to 343 after confirming Twenty new cases.

Lagos State has been the major location with many victims of the pandemic due to her Population.

Livenews Nigeria reports that there are 343 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. 91 have been discharged with 10 deaths

Twenty new cases of #COVID19 were discovered in the following location: 13 in Lagos, 2 in Edo, 2 in Kano, 2 in Ogun, 1 in Ondo.

Meanwhile, the Pandemic is across 19 states out of 36states in Nigeria:

Lagos- 189 FCT- 56 Osun- 20 Edo- 14 Oyo- 11 Ogun- 9 Bauchi- 6 Kaduna- 6 Akwa Ibom- 5 Katsina-5 Kwara- 4 Ondo- 3 Delta- 3 Kano- 3 Enugu- 2 Ekiti- 2 Rivers-2 Benue- 1 Niger- 1 Anambra- 1


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