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Chioma Akpotha’s get fans worried over ”Single” post.



Chioma Akpotha’s latest social media statements have alarmed some of her fans, who think they may be signs of a marriage crisis.

Chioma Akpotha's get fans worried over ''Single'' post.

Chioma Akpotha’s get fans worried over ”Single” post.

The actress and her husband Franklin Akpotha, of more than fifteen years, have kept their relationship very discreet.

Unlike other celebrities, she seldom ever shared their pictures.

But when the 42-year-Instagram old’s page switched back to using her maiden name, “Chioma Chukwuka,” admirers were horrified.

It’s thought that it could be challenging to change the Instagram handle from “Chioma Akpotha” to something else without losing her verification.

After releasing a Tiktok video in which she claimed to be unmarried, the award-winning star also stirred up some discussion among her admirers.

Some, however, assuaged the worries by explaining that the single posts were for her next film efforts.

Given that she has always been discreet about her and marriage, the most recent development aroused emotions from many who worried what might be happening to her marriage.


adorableadora1 said: “she is actually no longer married to Mr Akpotha. Check her daily hashtags which always emphasises on her ’s name only.”

mikkytina1 wrote: “What is the color of men’s problem, he married such a decent woman and still treat her badly omg”

sparkleshoesandbags tweeted: “Her marriage was crushed many years ago. Why it was not publicized was because she didn’t bring her marriage to social media.”

nnvmd wrote: “If you wan signal us signal us..stop going tru the corner..Asa!”

germainob stated: “If you’re single the where’s your maiden name ?”

cheap_and_affordable_deals wrote: “no chioma slander will be tolerated oh.her page is and if she tries to change her username back she will loose her verification badge.”

ritzy_hairline said: “Even with the privacy, game don still cut, then again no be by decency o”


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