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Chief Imam’s Son Stabs Friend To Death Over Phone In Lagos



Abdulrahman Olayiwola, the son of the Chief Imam of the Age region of Isale Oja, Lagos state allegedly stabbed his friend to death, known simply as Pelumi.

Live Nigeria confirmed dispute between the deceased and the suspect on a phone allegedly robbed by Pelumi.

It was said that Abdulrahman had picked a piece of broken bottle and stabbed the victim to death.

Live News Nigeria heard that the case had been registered at the Isokoko Police Station and the suspect was arrested while the corpse of Pelumi was deposited for autopsy in the mortuary.

A resident, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, told us that Pelumi was asking the suspect to keep his phone.

However, upon his demand for the phone, Abdulrahman allegedly refused to release it.
The resident stated,
“Pelumi gave Abdulrahman a stolen phone to keep for him and when he came back to collect it, his friend refused to give him the phone. It was Abdulrahman’s sister and Pelumi’s girlfriend, who brought out the phone from where her brother kept it and handed it over to Pelumi.
“This led to an argument between them and some residents of the area settled the matter between them, but another fight broke out between the two friends the following day and Abdulrahman stabbed Pelumi in the neck with a piece of broken bottle.
“Pelumi’s corpse was brought to the house of the chief Imam. The chairman of the community, who was notified of the incident, ensured that Abdulrahman was arrested and the corpse of the victim was deposited in the morgue.”

However, a source told us the suspect’s parents reportedly made attempts to secure his release from police custody.


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