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Buhari Might Loose Another Special Aide If He’s Not Prayerful- Primate Ayodele



INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church ‘s founder in Ejigbo, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, warned that if he does not pray, Muhammadu Buhari might lose another “special assistant.”

Ayodele urged the president, in a series of prophecies, to be active in and to pray against losing another aide. Buhari lost his chief of staff, Abba Kyari, in April to complications caused by coronavirus disease.

The cleric said Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, the new chief of staff, would step on toes forcing politicians to plot his removal. He said: “Buhari is supposed to wake up, he has no grip upon his government.


Buhari ‘s government will be in trouble so he must be prayerful so as not to lose another special assistant.” “Staff chief will step on his toes because he needs so many things to improve. The politicians are going to frame him up too.

Prayers need to be made so as not to see another death in the villa. ”On security, Ayodele said the service chiefs needed to be changed“ because they are one of the reasons we still have security threats by insurgents. Once the insurgency is replaced it will stop.


He said Nigeria’s economy is in shambles as the country is in big debt and the government lies only to the people.


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