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BREAKING: All Worship Centres Will Remain Closed Due To High Rise Of Coronavirus – Lagos State Government




Churches, mosques, and other worship centers in Lagos will remain closed because of the continuing high number of cases of in the state, Home Affairs Commissioner Anofiu Elegushi said on Tuesday.

Mr Elegushi spoke on the sidelines of Ministerial Press Briefing 2020, commemorating Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s first year in office.

On Monday, 1, the Federal Government had lifted the ban on the country’s mosques and churches, based on guidelines and protocols agreed with state governments.

Mr. Elegushi said it was not possible to reopen the worship centers early, as the state was the pandemic’s epicenter.

“We had meetings with the religious leaders even before the Federal Government’s pronouncement, we even had one with the Commission, looking at the possibility of reopening religious houses.

“We also had one with the members of the two faiths and I want to tell you categorically that at that conference, possibility of reopening religious houses was ruled out completely.

“They said they couldn’t take the burden to ensure that only 20 or 50 pray behind them.

“As an Imam said, he doesn’t necessarily realize what’s going on at the back and he’s leading a prayer. He said that if there are more than 20 or 50 at his back, he is not going to take responsibility for their presence.

“So, we completely ruled out the question of reopening the religious houses in the meeting until we had a clear coast for us to do so.

“It was announced by the Federal Government, but it never ruled the state to achieve that pronouncement, so all states will have to look at the possibility of doing so in their respective States.

“We all know that there are even more estimates at Lagos. So certainly that will speak to our decision ,” he said.

Nevertheless, the commissioner said the state governor would come forward with more instructions on the matter.


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