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Bimbo Ponmile releases ‘Comforter EP’, an encouraging four-track ministration



Bimbo Ponmile releases Comforter's EP, which includes great worship renditions

Bimbo Ponmile, a rising gospel vocalist, releases her debut EP, ‘The Comforter,’ which has an encouraging four-track ministration.

The gifted artist possesses an intense style of music delivery, which through her solo praise and worship sessions, captures a moment of unifying and distributing healings through her words, by Creating the Heavenly atmosphere with her renditions.

Bimbo Ponmile releases Comforter's EP, which includes great worship renditions

releases Comforter EP, which includes great worship renditions

Displaying her versatility on each track, Bimbo commenced with the execution of Alagbada Ina – a spirit-quicken eulogy delivered in her local dialect with melodious African percussions.

Confidently, Ponmile took the move upward with fast-tempo praise, “Comforter” – categorically celebrating and acknowledging Jesus as her redeemer and coverlet.


Proceeding to her affirmation, “I Will Speak“, Bimbo puts on the Mercy Chinwo zestful vocals – full of life and commands presence!

Like Paul reassuring his confidence in his maker; “Finally brothers, pray for us that the Word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified as happened among you and that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men,” 2:Thess 3:1 – Ponmile connects her source, The Holy Spirit to be her confidence despite the unfavorable barriers she had to overcome!

Finally, she concluded The Comforter project with the name of the highest, ‘Yahweh‘ – A good way to sum up all of the lyrical and spirit-inspired tunes.


All four tracks, however-sung, have their authenticity and the in-depth message passed across with glory and honor.


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