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BBNaija season 7: Love triangle as Groovy confesses feelings for Beauty and Ilebaye



Ilebaye, a Big Brother Naija Level Up housemate, has become embroiled in an argument with Beauty and Groovy.

BBNaija season 7: Love triangle as Groovy confesses feelings for Beauty and Ilebaye

BBNaija season 7: Love triangle as Groovy confesses feelings for Beauty and Ilebaye

One of the season’s hottest male housemates, Groovy, has acknowledged his emotions for Ilebaye.

In their first private diary conversation with Biggie, the reality star said as much.

Ilebaye and Beauty have sworn adversaries, yet Groovy acknowledges that he feels something for both of them.

Three days prior, it was stated that Beauty, a Level Two housemate, gained notoriety for attacking Ilebaye in a vicious manner.

After their first Saturday night party, Beauty Tukura, a former Miss Nigeria, lost her composure and verbally abused Ilebaye, another housemate and friend.

The 24-year-old became upset when she witnessed her boyfriend Groovy dancing at the party with Chomzy, a Level 1 resident.

The fact that Chomzy, whom Beauty has beef with, was dancing with her alleged boyfriend infuriated her and made her feel disrespected.

Ilebaye, the closest friend she had in the house, tried to talk things out with her, but things just got worse.

Instead of agreeing with her explanation and speaking calmly, Beauty erupted in an argument. Beauty lost her cool and the situation worsened because she failed to see the logic in her argument.

Ilebaye continued to attempt to maintain calm as Beauty started to cause a disturbance.

Ilebaye said: ‘Just behave yourself’

Beauty replied, “I should what???”

After ordering Ilebaye out of the room, Beauty moved to the dining area where Ilebaye was sitting with other to resume her rantings.

To make matters worse, Beauty took off her wig and brazenly confronted Ilebaye in front of her, but the latter remained unruffled.

Bryann was subjected to abuse from Beauty for warning her.

Cyph, a different housemate, had to restrain the former beauty queen.


Later, Biggie called her into the diary room, where she received a strike.

Not just Groovy has a confession of love.

Housemates like, Bryann, Ilebaye, Khalid, Cyph, Jess, Daniella, and Hermes admitted their love interests.

Bryann: Daniella

Ilebaye: Kess

Cyph: Daniella

Kess: Daniella

Daniella: Bryann

Groovy: Beauty and Ilebaye

Hermes: Chichi

When Beauty challenged Ilebaye about combing Groovy’s hair, it was recalled.

Ilebaye was criticized by the beauty queen for unlawfully combing her alleged boyfriend’s hair.

Beauty said that she had handed the comb to Groovy.

It appears that Beauty was acting unduly protective and delineating her area because she believed Ilebaye was attempting to steal her male.



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