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Babangida reveals why Atiku should win presidential election.



Babangida Aliyu Muazu, a former governor of Niger State, is confident that the PDP’s presidential candidate will prevail in the 2023 election.

Babangida reveals why Atiku should win presdential election

Babangida reveals why Atiku should win presidential election

Atiku should prevail in the February poll, according to Babangida, because Nigeria needs him.

He gave a speech yesterday in Abuja at the opening of the Central Planning Committee (CPC) of the PDP Ward 2, Ward 2022 National Conference.

The former governor warned the group not to become sidetracked and emphasized that they should stay on task.

As they work to elect Atiku, he asked the group to put money aside.

Members of the committee, according to the former governor, should support Atiku locally.


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According to Babangida: “I appreciate the W2W for the work you are doing. You are so far the grassroots pillar and support group of the party and we are very proud of you.

“The goal of this campaign is for Atiku to win the election come February next year.

“We want Atiku to win, but we have a lot to do to ensure that.

“This nation needs Atiku. Go to your polling units and deliver the message of hope.

“Don’t be bothered by the few irritants here and there. Don’t be distracted but remain focused.”


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