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ASUU requests FG provide any information regarding steps taken to end the strike.



The Minister of State has faced criticism from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

ASUU requests FG provide any information regarding steps taken to end the strike.

ASUU requests FG provide any information regarding steps taken to end the strike.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has pressed Festus Keyamo, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, to list any actions taken by the federal government to end the union’s strike, as well as the amount of money disbursed thus far since the strike began.

The union’s response comes after Keyamo recently stated in an interview that the Federal Government cannot borrow N1.2 trillion annually to meet the financial demands of ASUU and that the government had done all possible to put an end to the strike.

ASUU’s National President, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, expressed his dissatisfaction with the minister’s assertions in an interview, expressing the feelings of the union.

Osodeke charged Keyamo with completely misinforming the people after learning that the Federal Government had not issued a single kobo since the strike began.

What the president of ASUU is saying

Osodeke during the interview said, “When I listened to him yesterday, I felt very disappointed. We are in a country where someone who has risen in the legal profession can come out to completely misinform the public. It is so sad and I feel so pained.


“We are challenging him to mention one of the things the government has done on all the issues that led to the strike. How much has been released for the revitalisation fund for universities? How much has been released for the payment of the earned academic allowances? Has the visitation panel report been released? This is a demand that does not even have to do with money.’’

The ASUU President went on to say, “Have they signed the agreement that was negotiated between their team and ASUU? On the issue of IPPIS and UTAS, have the results been made available? These are the questions Nigerians have to ask them. The demands that don’t have to do with money, have they met those demands?

“I am so disappointed. This is someone who was on the street fighting for the poor Nigerians until he joined politics. This same man has turned around to fight the Nigerian people. We challenge him to tell the Nigerian people what the government has done concerning the seven demands that were listed. It is so sad, and that is why Nigeria is where it is today.

“These people do not have the interest of Nigerians at heart. Nigeria is battling all manner of things. Insecurity, education is on lockdown. They have not released one kobo, I’m saying this with all due respect. The government has not released one kobo to any university since the strike started, but you are giving N1.14 billion worth of vehicles to government officials in the Niger Republic.

“You know why they don’t believe in Nigerians. If their children were to be in our schools, they would have done something”.


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