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Angry Residents Beat NEPA Staffs To Pulp Over Disconnection Of Light



Angry residents of an undisclosed area in Lagos was spotted beating the hell out of some NEPA officials while trying to disconnect their light from the pole.

In the video, two of the staffs were present at where the incident occurred whereby only one of them was on the ladder trying to cut of the light. As he was commencing on doing that, he was restricted by a woman and a man.

According to what the said, she kept on repeating that they have not been enjoying the light for the past few weeks.

She also said the little poor light they are even managing for the mean time, the NEPA officers still came to cut it off.

In the midst of the whole argument, another of the staff was already beaten to pulp as he was spotted running for his dear life.

Immediately he got a chance to escape, the whole residents now pounced on the man behind and the whole issue got tough.


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