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After 20 years, Apple discontinues iPod



Apple has announced the discontinuation of the iPod Touch, the only remaining in its music player lineup. The company stated in a news post on Tuesday that it will sell the existing Touch “while supplies last.”

After 20 years, Apple discontinues iPod


While Apple may be done with making dedicated music players, the company says that “the spirit of iPod lives on” in all of its devices that play music, such as the iPhone, iPad, and HomePod Mini.

The iPod Touch going away marks the end of an era. As Apple notes, it introduced the first iPod “over 20 years ago.” The original FireWire-equipped acted as just a music player, and Apple made models that were pretty much exclusively for listening to audio up until 2017 when it discontinued the iPod Nano and Shuffle.


While the iPod Touch has been embraced by some iPod enthusiasts as the new classic music player, it also found a following for those who wanted an iPhone-like experience but didn’t actually need a phone.

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