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Ademola T. Ajibola, ATA steps down from 2023 race.



Entering the contest to run and represent the great and forward-thinking people of Ibadan South West State Constituency 2 has been a long nursed ambition for me. I have hoped to represent this constituency since 2015 and I’m glad we did eventually make a move in 2021 that has made “ATA, A-T-A, ATAwa ATAwon, Eyan ATATA” popular lines in the daily lives of thousands of people within and beyond the country.

Ademola T. Ajibola, ATA steps down from 2023 race.

However, after a series of consultations and reflections on current developments in the political scene, especially in Ibadan South West LGA, I, Oloye Ademola Titilopemi Ajibola will be stepping down from this race. In a moment like this, it stays a tough decision for me, but in the present circumstances, it is the best thing in my judgment to do for my party’s cohesion and to allow for peace within and beyond my state constituency.

The last 7 days for me have been a painful, hectic, and stressful movement as I have broadly consulted with my dependable family members, party excos, and leaders within and beyond Ibadan South West LGA, change-demanding constituents, unbending supporters across and beyond Nigeria and well-wishers all over, to INFORM and subsequently ANNOUNCE MY WITHDRAWAL from the contest as the lawmaker to represent Ibadan South West State Constituency 2.

RETREATING is not out of the lack of will to fight for our resolve and collective aspiration for a more developed, enabled, and empowered constituency but many times WILL and RESOLVE aren’t war winners.

I hope, pray and believe STRONGLY that our indivisible party, ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS will find and allow a candidate for the 2023 Oyo guber election that will unite, develop and activate the true pacesetter status our dear Oyo State, should be operating on.

However, I WILL NOT STOP doing all that which I have been known for overtime. The #ATAjere project, which is our market women financial support scheme, will be held in JULY as previously planned. Furthermore, the 2nd edition of the ADEMOLA T. AJIBOLA DEBATE COMPETITION will equally be executed in JULY with 25 secondary schools, participating.

I remain a committed member of the APC and my support will be given 1000% to whoever emerges as our party candidate in the general elections from the state, federal, senatorial, and gubernatorial elections.

My constituents, political associates, and supporters across and beyond the country are by this statement informed of this latest decision, which also has the blessing and support of the overwhelming majority, hence supersedes any other interest, personal or otherwise.

Thanks and God bless you all

Oloye Ademola Titilopemi AJIBOLA (MoreKlue)

Gbobaniyi of Sibaland

Ibadan South West State Constituency 2

080-MORE-KLUE | 080-6673-5583


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