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5 skincare recommendations for men



This post will provide excellent advice on how to care for your skin as a man in simple steps, without breaking the budget or devoting too much time to it.

5 skincare recommendations for men

5 skincare recommendations for men

Below are 5 skincare recommendations for men:

– Cleanse: for most men, all they do is wash their face with soap, but because plain soap contains fatty acids oils, etc. This might be a bit too much for the skin on the face as it’s generally more sensitive.

Rather than this, switch to cleansers that are mild and constructed for the purpose of washing your face.

Look out for cleansers that are alcohol-free and fragrance-free, this is generally more proactive and won’t irritate the skin.

Add a moisturizer to your care regime: moisturizer helps lock in moisture on your skin which helps you achieve the hydrated, glowing look, and they are a cross between jelly and lotion.

It helps fine lines and wrinkles disappear and reduce dry flaky skin.

While getting a moisturizer for the face is highly advised, getting one for the skin too is good so that your overall skin appearance is hydrated.

-Wear sunscreen: most men just slap on lotion and move on with their day, but sunscreen is important! One of the huge causes of wrinkles is the sun’s ultraviolet rays, get a sunscreen that has at least spiff 30 and put on every day before you step out.

Spiff 30 also protects the skin from sun-caused spots, skin conditions, like cancer, actinic keratosis, etc.

Use chemical exfoliant: chemical exfoliants penetrate the skin deeper and gives more lasting results, exfoliants with AHAs like glycolic acids, ones with BHAs like salicylic acid, but be careful with these, make sure you ask, a skincare attendant, or a dermatologist before picking any of this out.

Stay hydrated: Hydration is an easy way of upping your skin game because the skin is not just about the outside, but more pf the inside, and taking more water will not only help your skin look nourished and healthy, but will also flush out toxins and keep your organs healthy.

More tips: or better results, do not use the towel for your body on your face too, get a towel, especially for the face.

Face masks also help greatly; they are sheet-like masks that are filled with good products that leave your face looking hydrated and smooth.

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