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33-Year-Old Woman Buries Her Own Baby Alive In Kaduna



According to a report by Sun News, on Saturday a 33-year-old woman identified as Hauwa was reportedly conniving with her 35-year-old elder sister, Zainab, to kill her fetus and bury her in a shallow grave at People’s Club Hotel in Tudun Wada, Kaduna.

Sun News investigation revealed that both sisters who reside near the hotel facilities checked in on Friday night after paying N2,000 accommodation fees to execute their chilling scheme.

Sources within the region suggest the young woman was well recognized but they were unable to ascertain the age of birth, noting that she had to have committed the dastardly act because of a paternity problem involving the birth or because of family pressure.

“Hauwa”s a well-known pregnant woman here. Today, she came around to book lodging. Nobody ever thought she had anything like this in mind. What we also don’t know is that she gave birth before daybreak or someone is helping her extract the infant,’ said a source who spoke with confidence.

‘This morning, as she and her sister were digging the place where they buried the infant, someone who is not staff at the hotel sighted them from a distance. This was a shame.’

An eyewitness, Bello Abdulmumin, who claimed to have seen them said: ‘I just came in and I saw two women with a stick digging somewhere there about 11am this morning (pointing at the area).

‘They dropped something down there after they had finished digging, then covered it with sand. I attracted the attention of somebody here and we tried to test what was planted there.

‘I then told the other guy to leave the spot the moment we saw blood and that’s how we went to tell the police who came and arrested the two of them.

‘I know the two of them very well, Hauwa and Zainab, because they live around here. The elder sister Zainab should be about 35, while the witness recounted Auwa should be 33.’

The two women were sighted with their hands cuffed when this correspondent visited the Angwan Sanusi Police Station in Tudun Wada where the case was registered.

A reliable source indicated that the baby had died, and was taken for forensic testing to an unidentified hospital.

As was the case at the time of this article, specifics of how the two sisters removed the foetus were sketchy, with the police spokesman promising to update the case later that day as he said he was on official assignment outside Kaduna state.


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