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244 Dismissed Soldiers To Be Paid All Their Entitlements By Nigerian Government



Nigerian government was ordered to pay salary arrears and other entitlements to 244 soldiers who were dismissed from the Nigerian Army in 2016.

The order was issued by a Court of the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS), which sat in Abuja on Thursday 25 June, ordered the Nigerian government who were dragged to court by the soldiers after being accused of allegedly abandoning the Boko Haram insurgency fight and fleeing over alleged inadequate provision of arms and ammunition, demanded an enforcement of their fundamental human rights, including the right to their salaries and entitlements.

Live News Nigeria announced that Justice Keikura Bangura, who denied the soldiers’ request to be reinstated into the army, upheld their argument that their sack violated their human rights, including the right to work and fair hearing.

The ECOWAS trial, which failed the Nigerian Army’s decision to discharge the soldiers on 15 May 2019, directed the Nigerian government to pay all arrears of the affected soldiers’ monthly allowances and salaries and other entitlements by January 2016.


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